The New Frontier (DVD box) cover art by Darwyn Cooke


The New Frontier (DVD box) cover art by Darwyn Cooke



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Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon

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Batman & Phantasm by Bruce Timm


Batman & Phantasm by Bruce Timm


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Anonymous said: Yo homie, if Supes didn't stop Zod, everyone the entire planet would've been killed. Zod had already destroyed a good portion of the city so if anyone stuck around to see the fight, that's on them.




Really? Well if that’s the case, that would make Supes a lazy dick…or just plain dumb. 

What kind of hero lets people die just because they’re in the way?

If he wanted to fight so bad, take that shit somewhere else. It’s common sense. 

When will you fucking haters learn seriously are you just plain stupid or blind? Get your fucking head out of your ass and learn to pay attention. I don’t give a flying fuck if you hate MOS but quit blowing smoke out of your ass.

Common sense?  Well hard to apply common sense when your opponent is just as strong as you and has actual battle expirence.   Plus like we’ve said before it’s clear that Zod wanted to end the fight right there and then, this is not like DBZ where the opponent stops to talk and the villains just conveniently listens and they go fight an a open area and even if they do that it still would have been dangerous, hell it was going to be dangerous no matter where they had fought.    Lets say Zod and Supes fought in a open area and Zods decides to pick up a big chunk of a moutain and throws it towards a city area, then supes has to stop that piece of giant rock all the while Zod is following him in a rage to kill and anyone around him.  

Also you are an idiot if you decide to stop and gawk at two god like figures fighting in a city or anywhere.  It’s like those fools who chase tornados and then are in shock when they end up high in the air or like anyone who plays with fire and then gets burned, common sense says don’t do it at all. 

It’s not like Superman was really in control of that fight. He just had to make do with what he had. He could either stop fighting Zod to save some people while General “I’m going to make them suffer, Kal. These humans you’ve adopted, I will take them all from you one by one.” Zod goes off to do god knows what in the rest of the city or Superman could fight Zod in an effort to permanently fix the problem. It’s not a great choice but it was never meant to be.

The one time the fight went somewhere where nobody could be hurt (space), Zod immediately takes them back down to Metropolis.

Superman Protests! Yes, burning Supes in effigy…in Metropolis…in Detroit! [Tim Reinman, 29th September 2014, Detroit, Michigan]

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I don’t know why I just posted a bunch of pictures of Gargamel…

I’m sorry

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